Saturday, August 16, 2014

Long Overdue Rambling...

Holy cow. Almost the entire summer has passed without a post! I need to be smacked. I'm a horrible blogger, I know. Sorry friends and family who use this to keep track of me! This has been a summer of mega change. Lots of things have happened, all for the better. Since the end of May, I've been a single lady. Sometimes, as much as you want things to work, they just don't. And you have to accept that and do what makes you happy. I've grown and realized more of what I want, and what I don't want, but seriously... do we EVER really figure that out? I want to work on ME before I even think about being in a relationship with someone else. Happiness starts inside, and although I'm pretty darn happy most the time, there's always room for improvement. Work has pretty much owned my soul all summer, which is perfectly fine when you love your office and the people you work with are awesome :)

Speaking of work and being out on the water, a lot of cool shit has happened! Our captain took a couple of us out fishing, and I caught my first halibut... or three. We also had the most incredible whale encounter ever. I will never, ever forget the feeling of my heart nearly beating out of my chest from excitement of over a dozen bubblenetting humpback whales diving all around us. I also got splashed (more like soaked) by an orca... attempting to make a sea lion (RIP Frank) his dinner. That was nuts. I always wanted to see an orca kill, but after that experience and gazing eye to eye with a sea lion literally begging you to save it's life, I don't know if I want to see that again. Yeah yeah, it's nature and the circle of life, but seeing the last moments of a being's existence and doing nothing to help it is a bit disturbing.

I also got my first tattoo! I'm super happy with it and now I want more :) Yes, it really is addicting! This one has a lot of meaning to me though. It's an anchor with a snowflake and a heart. It combines my two loves... snow and being on the water. I've always loved snow. It's crazy how no two snowflakes can be the exact same. Out of ALL the snowflakes that have fallen in the world, no two are alike. Isn't that something to ponder? Nature is amazing. I've also always loved being on the water, and in it. I've been lucky to have grown up boating around the lakes back home, and having many, many trips to the beach to swim in the ocean. Especially since moving to Alaska, I've grown to love the water even more. It's a unique feeling to be out there with the whales, eagles, seals, sea lions, orca... and know it's all connected. We are all connected to one another, as people and with all the beings of the earth. Without the ocean and the water, there would be no snowflakes.

Here's my tat:
As much as I love summer, whales, being on the water, warm weather, etc... I cannot wait till winter! I've been dreaming of snowboarding all summer, and now the itch is hitting me hard. This season is going to be the best one yet, I can just feel it :)

I'm sure I can sit here and ramble on about more exciting things that's happened this summer, but right now I want nothing more than my head to hit my pillow. 

Sweet dreams friends.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fresh Kicks // Glitter Water

So Friday evening we met up with some friends out the road for a night of camping fun. Oh boy did we have fun! I decided to bring some whiskey as an early birthday celebration drink, and I think I had a little TOO much fun. We were lucky enough to see bioluminescence in the water. If you don't know what that is, just google it. It's awesome. The water was literally glowing with plankton that gives off a blue-ish light show. Our friends dog was splashing around, and underneath him was a cloud of light. We could walk through the water and kick it around and see what looked like blue glitter lighting up the night. It was pretty rad.

Camping was a blast. Humpback whales surprised us close to shore, and we could hear their blows close by in the wee morning hours. Otters, sea lions, and eagles were a usual sighting. Good friends and a campfire always makes for a good night!

Today I had an impulse buy... some new kicks! I've been wanting these shoes for a while, and today when we were in Sequence Boardshop, I said what the hell and bought them.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Intro to Summer

Wow where has this past month gone?! Lots has happened since my last post. Went snowboarding up at Eaglecrest a few times, all of which were great. Work at Allen Marine has been amazing as always. I'm stoked on my crew this season. I also got to go HELI boarding again! :) Our friend Bill informed us about the Sheep Mountain trip, and of course we couldn't pass it up! It was so much fun!

Here is a short vid I made from the trip footage.
Sheep Mountain Heli Trip 2014 from Jessica Davis on Vimeo.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

Monday, April 14, 2014

2014 Winter is a Wrap! Hello Summertime!

Who wished the winter away so fast? I sure didn't. It seems like this season flew by faster than ever. It was a great one though! Yesterday was closing day at Eaglecrest. My riding improved a ton, both in the park and all over the mountain. I reached a goal I never thought I'd reach: passing my AASI Level 2 Certification. Stoked to get that Burton pro deal now... among many other educational reasons, of course. :)

I did manage to injure myself a few times, although nothing super serious. First, my knee... then my chest/ribs. It was all worth it though. I'm still feeling the pain of a cracked sternum and ribs, but I am quite content with the way the season turned out. It was a great season with some great people, and I'm already counting down the days until next season!

Today was my first day back at Allen Marine. Yeah, HUGE break between jobs, right? It's ok though. I like making money and I'm stoked to get back into the summer routine. After the awesomeness of last summer, I can't wait to get back out on the boats and make this amazing wilderness my office once again. 

Our friend from back in North Carolina has been visiting us for a week now. It's nice to see a familiar face from back home and I hate to see him leave. It's been a fun week though!

I'm tired and don't feel like posting any photos at the moment, but you can see any recent photos on my Facebook page by clicking HERE.

The Most Insane Urban Edit You'll Ever See...

...until the next bionic snowboarder comes along. 

Seriously though, Seb Toots is killing it these days... and has been for a while. This edit = mind blown. 

Well done, sir. Well done.